Baustop – the builders mag

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Mar 012015
Baustop - the builders mag

Once in a while you may have one of these dejà vu, thinking “wait a moment – have I skated this before?”. As this usually happens in component-built skateparks – Baustop happens to deal with the exact opposite: It is about custom skatepark building and it is about the people who build it. A dejà […]

El Gato Classic – Palm Springs

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Jan 302015
El Gato Classic - Palm Springs

El Gato Classic 2015 Eddie Elguera had the idea to bring together skaters from the 70´s era of skateboarding that had a major influence on till today. So he invited all the heavy hitters from the past to come together for a session in Palm Springs. Here´s some pics from Saturdays session and the vert […]

Bailgun Issue #19 is online now.

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Jan 112015
Bailgun Issue #19 is online now.

Welcome to Bailgun issue #19 In this issue we´ll go roadtripping with a Colorado crew to skate some Oregon concrete and check out the brand new Streetdome skatepark in Harderslev Denmark and a cool DIY spot in northern Germany. Next up we´ll visit some backyard pools in Denver and finish this issue with an interview […]

Thomas Kalak Photo Exhibition

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Nov 022014
Thomas Kalak Photo Exhibition

Thomas Kalak Photo Exhibition I checked out Thomas Kalaks photo exhibition this Friday and ran into some old buddies I hadn´t seen for a while – good time seeing these guys and talking about some fun stories. Thomas was one of the best vert rollerskaters in the 80´s and early 90´s and also shot photos […]

Issue #18 online now!!!

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Oct 192014
Issue #18 online now!!!

Check out Bailgun issue #18 just click below: Welcome to Bailgun issue #18 In this issue we´ll do some more traveling. On the list is Mexico with Steven Bailey and Brandon Perelson, spotchecks from Denver and Seattle, contest reviews from Malmö, Sweden and Getxo, Basque Country, interviews with the Creepy Creeps from San Diego, Zach […]

IGS Hamburg night session

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Sep 212014
IGS Hamburg night session

The IGS skatepark in Hamburg is one of a very few parks in Germany with lights and with the days getting shorter quickly that is a very nice feature. After a session at the Fruchtallee bowl Wolfganster and I headed over to the IGS for second session and we ran into two legends from Hamburg […]