Sep 122014
Zine check - Blk/Mark

I met Alberto Scattolin in Gexto last week at the Bowl-A-Rama contest and he handed me his zine Blk/Mark to check out. This issue features the photography of Fabien Ponsero, Jay Delaney, Alberto Scattolin, Sergej Vutuc, Fred Ferand, Julian Furones and Kristijan Smok. It´s all black and white with a good mix of transition, DIY [...]

Sep 082014
Getxo Bowl-A-Rama 2014 pt.-5

Saturday 2014.09.06 – Day 6 at the Getxo Bowl-A-Rama 2014 Contest day was going off. The energy and the level of skating had been building up all week and it got even more intense on Saturday. When we got to La Kantera at about 8 in the morning there was aready a line of people [...]

Sep 062014
 Getxo Bowl-A-Rama 2014 pt.-4

Friday 2014.09.05 – Day 5 at the Getxo Bowl-A-Rama 2014 Pre contest day was another hot day at the beach so Chris Russell took it easy and did a couple warm-up runs in the half pipe as everybody was waiting for the paint to dry in the pool. Shoeless fronside invert. Local Alain Goikoetxea has [...]

Sep 052014
Getxo Bowl-A-Rama 2014 pt.-3

Thursday 2014.09.04 -Day 4 at the Getxo Bowl-A-Rama 2014 On Thursday not only the kidney pool was sessioned heavily but the concrete halfpipe also got it´s share of good use. Overview: Alex Sorgente – tailslide on the hip Danny Leon – body jar Giorgio Zattoni – floats an backside ollie Chris Russell – FSA Omar [...]

Sep 042014
Getxo Bowl-A-Rama 2014 pt.-2

Wednesday 2014.09.03 -Day 3 at the Getxo Bowl-A-Rama 2014 The sessions are heating up as we get closer to conest day. The Brazilian crew was killing it, Salba had the lines wired on his first day, Chris Russell smashed some desasters, Rune Gifberg and Giorgio Zattoni were getting their first runs in, Sky Siljeg had [...]

Sep 032014
Getxo Bowl-A-Rama 2014 pt.-1

Getxo Bowl-A-Rama 2014 So after a little adventure with Air France that included a longer than planned stop at the world famous Paris Charles de Gaulle airport. It´s maybe not as bad as it may look but it´s pretty bad and if you can, just do yourself a favor and avoid it. Arriving in Bilbao [...]

Aug 272014
Weekend Report: 2er on Fire, Kassel, and the will to succeed

Weekend Report: 2er on Fire, Kassel, and the will to succeed Hannover, Germany So, basically, if you were not in Hannover on Saturday, you were as missed as Geronimo (Have you seen him?). 2er on Fire is by far the funniest, rowdiest, glass-breaking-iest party of the year in Germany and it brings together people from [...]

Aug 172014
Malmö Ultra Bowl VI - Pt. 2

Some more pics from the weekend. Heavy clouds were hanging over Stapelbaddsparken skatepark all weekend with a short shower here and there but on sunday the rain just would not stop so it was decided to go with saturdays semi final results as the final results. Murilo Perez – lien cross bone with style and [...]