Jul 162014
BANDSALAT featuring Randy Holden

Hello Dear readership. This is the second installment of “Bandsalat”, courtesy of Bailgun. And today we’re bringing you some serious “Stoner Rock”! Randy Holden! It really doesn’t get much heavier than this as far as guitar gnarlers go. One of the first bands he was in was “The Fender IV” who did this burly rendition [...]

Jul 162014
Denver - One Gathering contest

For the past few years, the Stronghold Society has been hosting the One Gathering – Skate for Life event at the downtown Denver Park. Not only is this event significant for its root cause: to bring skateboarders and enthusiasts of varied backgrounds together from Colorado and neighboring states, and to draw attention to Denver’s historical [...]

Jul 152014
Volcom Bergfest #6 - 2014

On the 25th anniversary of the construction of Berg Fidel skatepark, a 13 year old deconstructed our preconception of how to skate. The Volcom Bergfest 2014 was jam-packed with action, entertainment (ie. Bands such as Svffer), and best of all: high quality skateboarding. First place went to Tyler Edtmayer, best illustrated during his finals introduction [...]

Jul 022014
Bandsalat featuring the Gears

Howdy folks, this is the first installment of Bailgun’s “Bandsalat”. You’ll hear music from pretty much anywhere, from any era and from any genre. Wildly eclectic in other words. We’re going to try to stay away from stuff that everyone already knows about and turn you on to the exotic, the rare, the forgotten, the [...]

Jul 012014
Zine check: Grip #1 and Humbug #3

GRIP ZINE comes from Dana Point Ca. and is done by Kristi Sanders with a lot of love for skateboarding. Grip is diffrent than most zines because it has no photos but some cool illustrations telling little stories and you can tell she put a lot of work into this zine so check it out [...]

Sunday Pool mission

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Jun 232014
Sunday Pool mission

Some pics from yesterdays Sunday Pool Mission Cam Dowse frontside air over the stairs – Downey Egg Downey Egg – LA Next stop John´s Joe – backside carve grind Rayce Davis – front blunt in the shallow pocket – gnarly! Crew of heavy hitters. Thanks John for the session.

Jun 102014
Hot Session at the Beeble Bowl

Hot Sunday session at the Beeble Bowl – it was seriously HOT with tempretures in the 100°s Fahrenheit or 40° Celsius or whaterver scale you wanna use – HOOOT. The Beeble Bowl is brand new, it was finished just a couple month ago and the decks still have to be poured. The bowl is pretty [...]